Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ooopps!!!! Fail!!!!

 I have failed in my goal to make regular blog posts this year.  Never mind ... only 2 weeks and a new year starts and I can make it a goal for next year  :)

The reason for my apparent laxity is the fact that I am very involved in my genealogy and have recently been spending a lot of my free time in researching my family tree.  It is very absorbing as I have contact with a cousin in the UK and between the two of us we have found lots of exciting information as, for example, my great-grandfather co-wrote a book with a famous cyclist and a Pre-Raphaelite artist painted a portrait of my great-grandmother which she donated to The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2 years before she died, among a lot of other equally fascinating, to me at least, stuff, which will be of no interest to you unless you are related to me. :P

Anyway, I'm here now and it appears I have a bit of time to catch up with, so I'd better get started. I won't bore you with lots of words, I will just put up a few pics of things I have been doing.  I will probably do a few posts over a few days so I can totally catch up with this year before it ends.

This is a table runner I made for my daughter-in-law ... front and back. These are her favourite colours.  I also made her a Bag-bag in the same colours.

The following are a couple of a number of peg bags I have made.  The left one was for a friend and the one on the right for a different daughter-in-law, whose favourite colours are also red and black.  (Doesn't allow a mother-in-law much in the variety stakes when sewing for them :( 
A single male friend, who lives in a unit and uses a communal washing line, (and loves fishing), saw them and wanted one for his pegs, so I made him a nice masculine one.

Living in a small place leaves me wanting for storage, so I am thinking of making different ones of these to store things in different rooms/cupboards around the house.   I want to redesign them slightly so they close in the front.  When I have got to them I will put up some pics.

For those of you who don't know, my next door neighbour and I rescued 8, 5 day old orphan kittens last Friday and are hand-rearing them. They are progressing wonderfully and are now 11 days old.  Here are some pics I took over the last couple of days.


Shirlwin said...

Lovely to see you posting Terri! Cute wee kittens, and a nice assortment of colours.
Love the sewing you have done ... idea for self for gifts > pegbags!
Genealogy will keep you busy, but isn't it soooo fascinating.
Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2012.

Margarita said...

Lovely work Terri, love those reds and black. Kittens are very cute! What are you going to do with them all?