Monday, May 7, 2012

And she's back.  Oh my goodness.  What has happened?  Since I was last here, a mere month ago, Blogger, bless its little heart, seems to have morphed into a new format.  Which means I have to start learning all over again. Ah well!  Something else to keep me occupied.  Like I haven't got so much to do now that I rarely manage to get in here and update already!!!!!  Good job I now consider myself semi-retired having given up part-time work and although I continue to work for the same companyI am now on a casual basis so not working to a regular set timetable, just intermittently when they call me in.  Hopefully this will give me more time to sew, scrapbook ..... and blog more regularly.  So watch this space.

I don't think I have told you about my kittens.  Back in December, my next door neighbour and I rescued 8 orphan kittens whose mother was killed by a dog when they were just 5 days old.

They are 11 days old in this pic

Exercise time at 12 days old

 Between the 2 of us we bottle/syringe fed them, toileted, bathed, cleaned and generally mothered these babies.  Everyone told us that it was inevitable that some would die and we should be prepared for this eventuality. There was one I was a bit worried about because it kept choking at feed time and would bring the milk back down her nose, so at about 2 weeks old I carted them all to the vet for a general check up but all seemed to be in pretty good health.

So home again and keep doing what we were doing and at 3.5 weeks old this is how we were going.  This is not imprisonment this is keeping us safe during exercise time.  After all, 8 is a lot to keep control of and we didn't want to lose any behind the fridge or under the washing m,achine.

And here we are in bed ... we are supposed to be going to sleep.

Then it was weaning time ... nothing more to be said about this.

At 8 weeks old we still had 8 strong, healthy kittens and we split them into 2 and my neighbour had 4 and I kept 4.  My daughter has 1 and her boyfriend has 1 and I have 1, which all live here with me, and a friend took one.  My neighbour still has all 4 of hers but is looking for homes for a couple.  Between us we now have 13 cats.

Here are my 3