Sunday, July 3, 2011

That was a month, that was!!!!!

Hello all my faithful and patient followers. I am feeling a little guilty that I tell you at the end of May that I will be updating soon and it is July before I get around to it. However I have a reasonable excuse and I know that I will not forget June 2011 in hurry.
To bring you all up to date, as many of you will not know, I had to fly off to the UK in a rush as my mother died rather unexpectedly, on June 2.  I had not seen my mother or been back to England for 13 years, so the whole trip was quite emotional on a number of levels. However, the beauty of England never ceases to amaze me and at that level was most inspiring. My family comes from the heart of Sussex and lives on a hundred acre farm which consists of  about 60 acres of working grain farm and 40 acres of woodland, which, in spring, comes alive with bluebells and primroses. The area teams with wildlife of course, and within the first couple of days I had seen squirrels, a family of pheasant, (daddy, mummy and 2 babies), a couple of foxes, a young deer frolicking through the oats ... .well you get the idea.  Unfortunately I didn't get many landscape photos, but I will pop 2 on here that I took of a couple of fields.
Overlooking a field of young corn to the woods on one side:

and looking over a field of young oats on the other
with a footpath between the 2 that leads through the farm to the village.  It is wonderful being able to go back 'home' and stay in such beautiful tranquil surroundings, listening to the sounds of the English songbirds.  It makes one not want to come back to the noise and bustle of the city.
My mother is buried in the village churchyard surrounded by trees, with birds singing and overlooking a field with grazing sheep.  It is such a beautiful, peaceful spot and I know if she had picked where she wanted to buried, she would have picked it for herself.

Moving on.  I arrived home to a sick daughter, who, incidently, turned 18 while I was away, and decided to develop a raging temperature withing 24 hours of me getting home ... thank you sweetpea for saving your sickness for mum .... and passed it on to me, though I didn't get whatever-it-was as badly as she did, though combined with jetlag did make me feel pretty grotty.

Then to top it off, I find that Google, in their wisdom (or is that stupidity) had messed around with one of their accounts, of which I, in this instance, am unfortunate to have as it had never supported blogger before. It was set up in a different account but using the same email address, which Google now decided to separate. To cut a long story short so I don't bore you to tears, they requested that I update and move my blog so that I can use it with my account. Does it work? No!!! Everytime I log in it tells me that I am not the author of any blogs and would I like to create one. Huh!!! So I then have to set up a new email address so I can access my blog.  I am telling you all this incase there is anything different about my blog that you notice, (maybe the email or blog address?), and wonder why.  However, now that I am able to access my account again, I will try and update a little more consistently as I know I have been rather remiss recently.