Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving Madness Prevails!!!!!

As many of you know, I have moved house with all the attendant stress and madness. What  made this move worse was that finally I am going to be in a permanent home after many many years of nomadic wanderings around the country.  Not that this is worse in and of itself; in fact, it is a wonderful, joyful experience to be settling down after a lifetime of being a semi gypsy (or traveller, to put it into it's modern day PC language) and living in rental properties with the constant expectation of moving, but when one constantly moves one collects stuff because what looked good in the last house doesn't look good in the current house but just may look good in the next house .... so I kept it, just in case.  Which possibly explains why I have 5 dining room tables.  So here I am now trying to get my new house organised and spending a small fortune in replacing just about everything as virtually nothing I had before fits or suits this place.  What an excuse to shop!!!!!!!
As far as pastimes and hobbies go, I haven't yet achieved that goal. I do know where my sewing machine is .... sitting in the middle of my lounge room floor.  I'm finding it really difficult to push down the foot pedal!!!!
So, that is where I am at in the moving saga. Hopefully my next update will have more organised news and I will try not to leave it so long to come here and post again.