Friday, January 1, 2010

 2010 has arrived
Here we all are at the beginning of a new year .... it gives us all a fresh start even if we don't make  resolutions and personally I don't bother. My most successful changes are the ones I have thought about for a long time and the starting date is not important, it is reaching the goal that counts. However, I do hope to achieve certain things this year, but I am not starting them all today :)))

Some of my THINGS TO DO for 2010 include: Improve my quilting skills; Get a part-time job; Wii at least 5 times a week ( I already started this last week); Make lots of yummy natural moisturisers and body butters; Get my webpage up and running, and of course maintain my blog and hope I don't bore you all silly :))

My webpage is based on Aromatherapy and will have lots of info about essential oils and how you can use them in your home, on your body and there will also be recipes for making your own yummy natural  products.

You can have a look at the humble beginnings here: Vanilla Rose

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clare's craftroom said...

Hi there Terri , Happy New Year you sure have a lot planned , I hope it's a great year for you !