Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is it me .... or is it them????

I am currently feeling very frustrated with the new templates on blogger. I find I cannot make the adjustments I used to be able to make. For instance, having my title centralised in my header.  
I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to tart up my blog with new backgrounds, buttons and boxes with about 3 of those hours wasted on what I shall refer to in future as 'the title in the header saga'. 
As is normal,  I just want my title to sit in the middle of my header but do you think I can find where to adjust it? No, of course I can't.  Now, I ask myself, have the wonderful people who have written this program left out a vital piece of info somewhere? Mmmm!! However, looking at everyone else's headers', with their titles' beautifully situated in the middle of their headers, where they should be, I have begun to suspect the problem is mine and I am unjustly wanting to pass the blame due to my incompetence.
So lovely people, if you happen to pass by here, and see an empty box at the top of the page where writing should be, and above the empty box writing where there should be none ...blame me!!!!!
And if you should happen to have any info that could help me rectify what has become to me, an insurmountable problem, I should love to hear from you.
Thank you for listening.


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Terri. I haven't got a clue about blogs. I have one with one post and that is about it. However WHEN I get time I will try and sort it out. Because I found this site, I did post it on great websites on the forum a while ago, and it does seem like a very helpful site. You might like to have a look at it. i hope it helps you, Hugs, sandy. :-0

Quiltin' Sandy said...

I don't know why you can't click on it, I am sure that is the same as what I posted.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

It is on great websites thread, post #700

Terri's Place said...

Thanks Sandy. :)) That is the right addy ... I just used c&p.

Shirlwin said...

It is centred now? Looks quite OK to me. I do think that the template you choose alters the set up. Just think of how much sewing time is wasted trying to get our blogs right! Then when we get it looking right, we change our mind and start on the old merry-go-round again.
But ... I like this blog ... it looks GREAT!!

Terri's Place said...

Thank you, Shirlwin, that's very kind of you :))

Karen's Korner said...

That is exactly why I leave my blog just as it is!!!!