Thursday, March 10, 2011


My #2 son turns 37 today, and I was going to have a giveaway.  Unfortunately, my blog seems to be having some commenting issues, and there's no point having a giveaway if nobody can comment.
#3 son is my techno child, and of course the whole family runs to him with their computer issues, me no less than anyone else. So I duly performed as expected, and he is going to have a look tonight and fix it up for me. Thank you sweetie. x x

Sooooooo!!!!!  I thought I would give you all an advance warning of a giveaway tomorrow, March 11.

Would  you like a little preview? Okay then.  Here is part of my giveaway.
I will add the fabric tomorrow.

Now remember, you can't actually enter this till the 11th, so check back tomorrow, and hopefully everything will be all fixed up and organised.

Hugs Terri x x


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I'm intrigued, the pattern looks very interesting.

gill said...

Looks an interesting pattern!

Margarita said...

Is this one of your wonderful patterns Terri? Love to be in the draw for it. I hope your Techno child had a wonderful birthday.