Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My latest project

Here is my latest project.  A mat for my cats.  I find that my bed sleeping felines make a very furry mess on my quilt so I decided to make them their own personal rug to sleep on.
This was the first time I had done binding on a quilt and I was happy with the result.  The 4 corners are appliqued with cat things. The side panels are a black background with little paw prints all over it.
I backed it with fleecy so in the cold winter months they can cuddle up on the warm side ... spoilt pusses!!!!
It seems to be very popular so I may have to make another one, or maybe two, so I can cover the couch as well.  But I will make them larger ... this one is just not big enough for 4!!!!


A happy, sleeping Bob cat.


Home of Creative Treasures said...

What a great idea! :D

Margarita said...

Looks great Terri, like those shelves I see in the background too.

Shirlwin said...

Looks as though the cat fully approves! What a good idea Terri.